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Data Protection Notice

In this data protection notice we would like to inform you how we process your personal information and about your rights. Please also read our Privacy Policy.

1. Who is in charge for data protection?
Evonauts GmbH, Immermannstraße 40, 40210 Düsseldorf (Germany), E-Mail: info [at] evonauts.com

2. How can you get in touch with our data security official?
Mr. Marcel Erntges, E-Mail: marcel.erntges [at] prw-consulting.de

3. Which information do we process and where do they come from?
We process personal information we receive in connection with initiating business deals (e. g. request, initial consultation, contact by telephone or e-mail, tender preparation) or during our business relationship with you. Here, especially the following kind of information is processed: Master data (e.g. name, address and contact information, bank details), taxation details (tax number) or correspondence information (e. g. written correspondence with you, counseling reports, information concerning current projects or requests).

4. What do we process your data for (purpose of processing) and on what legal basis?
a) On the basis of your consent to data processing (Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter a GDPR)
If and insofar you consented to the processing of personal information, the consent is the respective legal basis for the processing mentioned therein. This concerns for example receiving electronic customer information. You may withdraw your consent anytime with effect for the future. This also concerns declarations of consent you gave us before the GDPR went in force, i. e. before May 25th, 2018.

b) In order to fulfill contractual obligations (Art. 6. Para. 1 Letter b GDPR)
Your data will be processed in order to initiate business with you or in order to fulfill our contracts with you. This includes for example service delivery (e. g. maintenance and support, selling products via the store etc.). The precise purposes of data processing conform individually to each description of services and products and the proper contract documents.

c) In order to balance interests (Art. 6 Para 1 Letter f GDPR)
Your information may also be used in the act of balancing interests in order to protect our or third party interests. This happens for example in order to further develop services or systems and products by us, to guarantee IT security and the functioning of IT, for purposes related to advertising, market and opinion research, exercise or defense of legal claims, prevention or detection of criminal offenses as well as risk management and fraud prevention.

d) Because of regulatory requirements (Art. 6 Para 1 Letter c GDPR)
We are obliged to adhere to various regulatory requirements, which involves data processing. Among these are for example tax law as well as accounting regulations, the obligation to meet requests and requirements by national and international supervisory or prosecuting authorities as well as the obligation to meet fiscal checking and reporting requirements.

5. Whom do we share information with?
Within our organization, we only share your information with those departments which need them to fulfill contractual and regulatory obligations or to fulfill their respective functions (e. g. customer support, IT, sales and marketing). Moreover, we only share your data with external third parties who are required to comply with contractual obligations for data processors (Art. 28 GDPR) and who guarantee data processing according to our instructions. Among these are for example vendors in the fields of customer support, accounting, IT and logistics. Besides, we only share data with persons or institutions when you have declared your consent to transferring information.

6. Do we transfer data to third party countries?
Your data will only be processed within the European Union and countries within the European Economic Area (EEA). Otherwise we will inform you beforehand including the right to dissent to such a transfer of information anytime.

7. How long do we keep your data?
We store your personal information only for the time needed to deliver according contractual services. This involves the time the actual business relationship lasts as well as data processing in order to initiate or execute contracts. Furthermore, we are subject to specific retention and documentation obligations deriving from the German Commercial Code as well as from fiscal regulations (German Tax Code). The retention and documentation periods stipulated there are five to ten years. Finally, the storage period depends on statutory limitation periods, which usually are three years according to e. g. §§ 195ff of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch – BGB). In some cases, however, they may also be as long as 30 years.

8. Is there any obligation to provide personal data?
In connection to our business relationship you are only obliged to provide those personal information required for starting, executing and ending a business relationship. Otherwise it will not be possible to conclude or to fulfill any contract.

9. In how far is there any automated decision making in individual cases?
In order to set up and execute a business relationship we generally don’t make use of automated decision making according to Art. 22 GDPR. Should we do this in individual cases we will inform you about this separately.

10. In how far do we use data for profiling?
We process your data partially automatedly in order to assess certain personal aspects (so-called profiling according to Art. 4 No. 4 GDPR). For example, profiling is used to find out if you are potentially interested in our products or services. This assessment is performed e.g. by means of statistic methods considering new and old customer data. We use the results in order to be able to send you targeted offers meeting your requirements.

11. Which rights to data protection do you have?
According to legal requirements, you have got the right to ask us to reveal if we process personal information and the right to receive information (Art. 15 GDPR, § 34 German Federal Data Protection Act – FDPA) about those personal data. Besides, you have got the right to rectification (Arg. 16. GDPR), extinction (Art. 17 GDPRS, § 35 FDPA) and restriction of data processing (Art. 18. GDPR) as well as the right to dissent to the processing (Art. 21 GDPR) of personal information rsp. to anytime withdraw your consent to processing information or transferring data (Art. 20 GDPR). Moreover, you have got the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in case of a data breach (Art. 77 GDPR, § 19 FDPA).

12. Special notice about your right to object
1. Right to object in individual cases
You have the right to object anytime to the processing of your personal information being executed on the basis of Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter f GDPR (data processing on the basis of a balance of interests)  for reasons deriving from your individual situation. This is also true for profiling based on these regulations in the sense of Art. 4, No. 4 GDPR, which may be executed for purposes of customer consultation and customer support as well as sales. If you dissent, your personal information will not be processed any longer, unless Evonauts provides compelling legitimate grounds for the processing outweighing your interests, rights and freedoms, or in case the processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

2. Right to object to the processing of data for direct advertising purposes
Evonauts may process your data also for direct advertising purposes within the scope of legal provisions. You have the right to object anytime to the processing of personal information concerning yourself for purposes of such advertising without incurring any charge other than transmission charges according to basic rates. This also applies for profiling as far it is connected to direct advertising. If you have objected to data processing for direct advertising purposes, we will no long process your personal information for those purposes. You can object informally at any time. Please find the contact details under number 1.

Privacy Policy

Evonauts GmbH, Immermannstraße 40, 40210 Düsseldorf (Germany), E-Mail: info [at] evonauts.com and data protection officer Marcel Erntges (In the following: “we”) is the operator of the Website evonauts.com and responsible for personal information of users (In the following: “you”) of the website according to the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

We protect your privacy and your personal information. We collect, process and use your personal information in accordance to the content of this privacy policy as well as applicable data protection regulations, especially the GDPR. These data protection regulations stipulate which kind of personal information about you we may collect, process and use. For this reason we ask you to read the following remarks carefully.

You have the right to ask us to reveal if we process personal information and the right to receive information about those personal data. Besides, you have the right to rectification, extinction (Art. 17 GDPRS, § 35 FDPA) and restriction to data processing as well as the right to dissent to the processing of personal information rsp. to withdraw your consent to processing information or transferring data anytime. Moreover, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in case of data breach.

You can assert any right against us by e-mail to privacy (at) evonauts.com or by using to contact details stated below the field “In Charge”.

Insofar as our pages collect personal information (for example, names, postal addresses, or e-mail addresses), such information is collected on a voluntary basis wherever possible. The use of the offerings and services is, insofar as possible, always possible without providing personal data. We would like to point out that data transmission via the Internet (e. g., in the case of e-mail communications) may be subject to security vulnerabilities. It is not possible to ensure that data is absolutely protected from access by third parties. We hereby expressly object to any use of the contact information published in the context of the obligation under German law to publish the identity and contact information of the publisher by third parties for the purpose of sending unsolicited advertising and informational materials. The operators of this website expressly reserve the right to take legal action in the event that they receive unsolicited advertising information, for example by way of unsolicited (“spam”) e-mails.

Cookie- und Opt-Out Information

General information regarding cookies

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Which cookies are used?
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Analysis cookies
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Cookies for marketing purposes
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Deletion of cookies and do-not-track setting

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Information about the cookies we use

When you access our website, the following cookies are stored in the cache of your browser.

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Information and options for raising objections (opt-out): Tracking tools

Below you can learn how to prevent the use of the tracking technologies that we use for the purpose of web analysis, and thus object to data processing:

Explanation of the tool, how it works and Privacy Policies

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an analysis tool from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (Google). Google Analytics allows websites to be analysed to determinewhere users come from and how they behave on the website. On our behalf, Google uses cookies to evaluate the use of our website and compile reports on website activity for us. However, we use Google Analytics with the “AnomizeIP” extension, which truncates your IP address upon visiting our website. This means that no personal reference is possible.

We have concluded a contract for data processing with Google on the basis of the EU standard contract clauses.

Further information on the tool, the purpose of processing and the provider’s data protection can be found at the following links:

Privacy Shield certification

Options to object to data processing (opt-out)

You can prevent the storage of the cookies used by this tool by setting your browser accordingly, by deactivating the execution of JavaScript in your browser or by installing a tool such as ‘NoScript’ (see above).

You can also prevent processing of the data generated by the cookies relating to your use of the website (including your IP address) by downloading and installing the browser plugin available under the following link:


Name and contact details of the data security official

Marcel Erntges, Data Protection Officer, marcel.erntges [at] prw-consulting.de

Your rights

You have at any time the right to request confirmation as to whether we process personal data and the right to obtain information regarding such personal data. In addition, you have the right to rectification, deletion and to restriction of data processing, as well as the right to object at any time to the processing of the personal data, or to at any time revoke the consent to data processing or request the transfer of data. In cases of data protection violations, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.Immermannstraße 40, 40210